Monday, October 14, 2013

How I spent my weekend.

I have been taking a lot of trips with my friends and I have long hated my cosmetics bag. Its from the early 90s. It's ugly and hard, the mirror falls out (and I never used it anyway), and you cant wash the darn thing. So this weekend when we spent the weekend together I spent most of my time making a new bag for all my toiletries.
It's long and low like a duffle bag with a large wrap around flap closure with a magnetic snap.
It has a wide owl eyes strap.
Between the inside and out I put in 13 pockets. It holds EVERYTHING I need with space left over inside for my makeup bag and laundry bag.

I quilted all the outside pieces. That was quite a job!

There are just a couple things I would change if I made another one but over all, considering I had no pattern to work from, I'm so happy with it. I think I will make a duffle bag and make up bag to match.


  1. I LOVE this bag and you picked such a beautiful fabric too!

  2. I love this!!! You are so amazing!